Social Circle was founded in 1820 by several men who obtained the land by lottery. It was centered at the junction of two Indian trails known today as Cherokee Road and Hightower Trail (perhaps a corruption of Etowah). Incorporated in 1832 as a village, in 1869 as a town, and in 1904 as a city, Social Circle, situated at the highest point of the Georgia Railroad, was a transportation hub for the area before the Civil War (1861-65). Its lines were destroyed during the war by Union general William T. Sherman’s troops on their March to the Sea, but the town recovered and prospered after the war was over. More information: New Georgia Encyclopedia and georgia.gov

The City name is unique, and reflects the community where historic charm, hospitality, and unique shops blend with new residential neighborhoods and thriving industry. Standridge Color Corporation an international firm which provides services to the thermoplastic industry is based in the City. Baxalta Shire, a global bioscience and pharmaceutical company is located adjacent to the southern boundary of the City, and to the northeast, Simon Solar Farm was completed in 2013 by developer Silicon Ranch. This photovoltaic project can generate over 30 MW of electricity. The Great Walton Railroad and CSX still serve the City industry, and the City’s economic outlook is bright.

The heart of the City is our historic downtown, which boasts the iconic City well. On the well is stated: A legend has been passed down about a group of men, meeting at the crossroads, who were sitting around the well having their usual drink. A stranger approached and was greeted with such warm hospitality, he said, “This is surely a social circle.” The downtown is home to a variety of shops, businesses, and restaurants and the location of frequent community events and festivals. The Friendship Festival is the largest of the Festivals held in the City each year.

Although an easy drive to the City of Atlanta and its amenities, the City is surrounded by beautiful Georgia scenery, farms, pine forests, Hard Labor Creek State Park, and the newly constructed 1400 acre Hard Labor Creek reservoir .

We welcome you to visit, shop, stay, live, work and play in Social Circle.

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