The Housing Authority of the City of Social Circle was organized in 1951 pursuant to housing statutes of the State of Georgia.  The Authority’s purpose is to provide and manage low income housing for residents of the City of Social Circle, GA in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The housing program of 70 units is administers under a contract with HUD.  Tenant rents are charged based on HUD rules and tenant financial qualification.  The Authority is governed by a board of commissioners which is appointed by the City mayor and whose members serve staggered 5 year terms.  At least one commissioner must be a resident of the Authority .  The administrative staff also manages Housing Authorities for the Cities of Monroe, Madison and Loganville, GA.  There is no direct funding of the Housing Authority by the City of Social Circle.

Markea Cushion
Paul Posner
Louvenia Knox
Connie Hector

Executive Director is Kevin Stuart, 770-464-3130