The City recognizes that the historical, cultural and aesthetic heritage of Social Circle is among the most valued and important assets and that the preservation of this heritage is essential to the promotion of the health, prosperity and general welfare of the people.

The City established the Historic Preservation Commission to provide a uniform procedure for use in providing for the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of places, district, sites, buildings, structures, objects, and landscape features having a special historical, cultural or aesthetic interest or value.

The Historic Preservation Commission consists of five (5) members appointed by the Council. All members shall be residents of Social Circle and shall be persons who have demonstrated special interest, experience, or education in history, architecture, or the preservation of historic resources. To the extent available in the City, at least three (3) members shall be professionals in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, planning, archaeology or related professions. Members shall serve staggered two and three year terms. Members shall not receive a salary, although they may be reimbursed for expenses.

Code of Ordinances, Section 7-010 Historic Preservation

Historic District Map

Design Guidelines for the Social Circle Historic District

Historic Preservation Commission Rules of Order

Historic Preservation Commission Rules of Procedure