The City uses Advanced Disposal Services to collect garbage once a week curbside and bulk items curbside on your designated collection day. Please call the City for your designated collection day. Recyclables are collected curbside with an 18-gallon bin every Thursday. We request that you put your bins out the night before your pickup day to guarantee that they are picked up.

There is a charge of $15.60 per trash can for this service. Senior Citizens can receive a discounted price of  $13.53. Please fill out this form and turn in at City Hall.

Garbage Service

Collection occurs once per week curbside with a 95-gallon Advanced Disposal cart for each house. The City does not allow for personal carts of any kind for your weekly collection of garbage. Advanced Disposal will only collect the 95-gallon cart for household garbage provided for you so bagged garbage on the side of the cart will not be collected. Call City Hall if you need an additional cart for an extra monthly charge.

Bulk Item Service

Bulk items are collected on the same pick-up day as your designated garbage collection day. _Bulk items are restricted to only two (2) household items per week that because of the size do not fit into your 95-gallon cart that is provided for you. Examples of bulk items that do not fit into the 95-gallon carts are items such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, box springs, and loveseats.

If you have more than two items that you would like picked up you can schedule a special pick up through City Hall for a $35 charge per truck load picked up.

Examples of items [not approved as bulk items] and will [not] be picked up.

  • Appliances
  • Automotive parts such as tires and oil filters
  • Construction & Demolition waste such as carpet, shingles, concrete, siding, building materials, toilets, sinks, and paint cans
  • Propane tanks, flammable liquids, or ammunition
  • Yard debris. The City collects yard debris on a different schedule.

Recycling Service

Recycling service includes an 18-gallon recycling bin and is collected every Thursday. Recyclable items include Newspaper and Inserts, Cardboard Boxes Broken Down, Pizza Boxes, Kraft Paper, Cereal Boxes, Paper Towel Cores, Tissue Paper cores, Tissues Boxes, Computer Paper, Office Paper and File Folders, Calendars, School Papers, Magazines, Shopping Catalogs, Envelopes, Paper Grocery bags, Soda and Beer cartons, Telephone Books, Discarded Mail, Aluminum Beverage Containers, Steel/Tin Food Containers, and Plastic Bottles #1 -7.

All items must fit into the bin, or they will not be picked up. Also, because of the market conditions, we do not accept glass bottles.

Please contact the City if you desire a recycling bin