Leaf and brush pickup will follow this schedule:

(See Map)

  • Monday: north of East Hightower Road and east of North Cherokee Road
  • Tuesday: west of North Cherokee Road and north of West Hightower Trail and Alcova Drive.
  • Wednesday: south of Alcova Drive and West Hightower Trail and west of South Cherokee Road.
  • Thursday: east of South Cherokee Road and south of East Hightower Trail.
  • Friday: make up day to pick up brush and leaves that were missed during the week due to equipment malfunctions, emergencies, etc.

If you pile leaves or brush after your designated day of pick up listed above City Crews will pick them up on your designated day the following week, not on Friday make up days.  Special requests will be handled through work orders only by calling city Hall (770-464-2380)

To make things easier for our crews, please do the following:

  • rake leaves to the curb or road
  • make piles no higher than three feet and six feet in diameter
  • place piles horizontally along the curb for timelier and easier pickup by city crews.
  • no trash, metals, brush etc. mixed in to prevent damage to the machinery.
  • limbs should be cut to no more than 7 feet in length
  • Bagged leaves will be picked up and transported to the cities leaf drop off area.

A load is approximately 8 feet by 8 feet by 4 feet. All additional loads will be $35.00.  Questions or comments please call 770-464-2380.