Pollinator Sanctuary at Friendship Park Taking Shape

A huge “Thank You” to Mohmed Ameer, Janet Bones, Elaine Burress, Craig Mabry, Ron Plaster, and Rosemarie Sells for their generous time and effort in helping make Social Circle beautiful!

These 6 master gardeners descended on Friendship Park last week to create the Pollinator Sanctuary and install nearly 100 perennials and shrubs – while attracting a few butterflies along the way.

Future updates will include:

  • A literature box to hold educational brochures this month.
  • Educational “botanical-garden-like” plant label markers installed over the next month.
  • Regular biweekly maintenance throughout the winter months to include refreshing the mulch.
  • An artwork centerpiece created by Rick Sells in the Spring.

Flower Mills of Social Circle generously donated butterfly weed, milkweed and pansies.  This Pollinator Sanctuary project is made possible by a cooperative effort between the UGA Extension office and the Walton County Master Gardeners.