2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of Walton County. The year-long festivities will begin January 30 at the Historic Courthouse in Monroe, where the mayors of the cities of Between, Good Hope, Jersey, Loganville, Monroe, Social Circle, and Walnut Grove will present a new Walton County flag to Walton County Chairman Kevin Little and the Walton County Board of Commissioners. In the days leading up to the event, the flag will be flown in each of the cities in the county starting with Loganville on Tuesday, January 23.

On Saturday, the flag arrived from Jersey and was handed off to Council Members Keener and Price close to the Social Circle city limit on West Hightower Trail. The flag traveled by golf cart to the Fire Department Training Center on on the corner of Clegg Farm Road and West Hightower Trail where the flag was handed off to Council Member Jackson who arrived to the location by horse. Mayor Dally commented at the ceremonies at City Hall how these two modes of transportation, golf cart and horse, represented the past and present modes of transportation through town.

The SCHS JROTC lead the procession into town to City Hall where the flag was presented to Mayor Dally. Mayor Dally presented the flag to members of the American Legion 332. A member of the JROTC lowered the flag so the American Legion could attach the Bicentennial Flag and then raised it again.

Mayor Dally addressed those gathered for the event and then the SCHS Band played the National Anthem to close the ceremonies.

On Sunday, Mayor Dally welcomed those who were gathered. A member of the SCHS JROTC lowered the flag. The members of the American Legion removed the flag and attached it to a pole. The flag was presented to Mayor Dally. Those gathered boarded City buses or rode in their own vehicles down Holly Street to meet with the train provided by the Great Walton Railroad. Mayor Dally handed the flag to Council Member Shelton who attached the flag to the front of the train. There were two cabooses behind the engine to carry any passengers who wanted to make the ride to Pleasant Valley.

When the train arrived at Pleasant Valley, it was met by a tractor driven by to Kenneth and Cindy Little. The tractor carried the flag the final leg to Good Hope. Mayor Dally commented on how the train and tractor were two vehicles that helped to grow Social Circle.

The flag will leave Good Hope at 11:10 Tuesday and travel to the Monroe city limits. It will arrive at the Monroe Visitors Center/Museum at 11:25, then continue on to the Monroe Arts Center, Walton Tribune, Peyton Pettus, Side Street Boutique, and, finally, City Hall, where it will be presented to the Monroe Mayor, Council, and City Administrator at 11:40 a.m. The proclamation will be presented and the flag will be hung from a city utility truck. At 5:40 p.m. that evening, the JROTC will march the flag down Broad Street to the Historic Courthouse for the Bicentennial Celebration Kickoff.