The City of Social Circle bills monthly for natural gas, water, sewer, and trash/garbage/recycle collection.

The City of Social Circle bills annually for property taxes and school taxes.

Online payments ***NOTICE***

Call our IVR phone system to make payments on your account. This service is available 24/7. The phone number is 1-877-840-5562. City Hall does not accept payments over the phone. You must use our automated system. You will need your account number and house number to make a payment using this method. If you do not have this information, city hall staff can provide it to you during normal business hours.

To make a payment online you will need your account number and your last payment amount. This information can be found on your bill.

Please read our Online Bill Pay FAQ section at the bottom of this page before making online payments.

If you have made a payment on an account that has been cut off or it is cutoff day and you have paid a past due balance, you must contact city hall at 770-464-2380, so that a work order can be processed to have services restored. If it is after hours, and your payment was made by end of business day, which is 4:30, and your services were not returned, please contact our after-hours number and leave a message. That number is 770-464-6938. Action will only be taken for payments made before 4:30. If your payment was made after that time you can call the main number at City Hall the following business day. Alternatively, a $100 additional after-hours fee can be paid to restore services if your payment was made after 4:30.

The City of Social Circle provides several ways to make timely payments:

Pay Utility Bills Online 

Pay Property Tax Online - Only one field is required to search!

Pay Tickets Online

Pay by Phone

Call 877-840-5562
Please be sure to have your account number and street address number available in order to complete the payment process.

Drive-Thru Window

The Drive-Thru window is open M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM to pay by cash, check, money order, or credit card (a usage fee applies).


The City of Social Circle accepts checks or money orders from the US Postal Service and other delivery services. Be sure to allow enough delivery processing time to meet the City due date. Your payment is due, whether the delivery service delivers or not.

City of Social Circle
PO Box 310 (mailing address for USPS)
166 North Cherokee Road (physical address for UPS, FedEx, etc.)
Social Circle GA 30025


There is a dropbox at City Hall to receive checks or money orders after office hours. PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT CASH IN THE DROPBOX. Payments placed in the drop box after 4:00 PM will be credited the next business day and are subject to the 10% late fee charge when it applies.

Online Bill Pay FAQ

  • How do I pay my City utility bill?

    Pay Utility Bill Now

    Residential and Commercial Customers may use Master Card, Visa, or Discover. You need your most recent utility bill and your credit card information readily available when making a payment.
    A convenience fee will be charged.

  • When will I be able to pay online?

    Immediately upon receipt of your bill.

  • Will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?

    Yes, and you will need the paper bill to enter the correct information to pay utility and property tax bills.

  • Will I be able to pay late?

    Yes, the system will accept any payment. Acceptance, however, does not relieve you of any interest, penalties, late fees, possible cut-off, lien, fi-fa, or any other legal ramifications associated with late payments.


  • How is my personal and financial information kept safe?

    The City never has access to your credit card information during a payment transaction. Our credit card processing service uses E3, an end-to-end encryption product designed to protect credit card data from the moment of key entry through the entire transaction flow. E3 provides the highest degree of security available.

  • Are all computers safe to use?

    Computer security experts advise that you may put your information at risk when you use a public computer for personal business.
    While our credit card service uses measures to protect your personal information, the use of public computers may compromise the security of your information.
    Public computers include those in schools, libraries, Internet Cafes, etc. For maximum security you may want to avoid using public computers when entering credit card information.

  • What software do I need to use Online Bill Pay?

    The latest compatible version of Internet Explorer with all security patches installed is all you need to use Online Bill Pay.


  • When will my payment be processed?

    Weekends, city holidays, bank holidays, and other non-work days may interfere with processing and posting. Please take this into account and allow extra time for processing and posting.

  • How can I confirm if my payment has been processed?

    When you make a payment using the online bill pay system, you will receive a transaction/order number and an authorization code from your credit card company
    These numbers are both included in the online receipt. Please print these numbers and keep them as proof of payment until your transaction has been posted by the City and the charge appears on your monthly credit card statement.

  • Will I be able to pay late?

    Yes, the system will accept any payment. Acceptance, however, does not relieve you of any interest, penalties, late fees, possible cut-off, lien, fi-fa, or any other legal ramifications associated with late payments.

  • How may I contact the City of Social Circle by email or phone?

    Please call City Hall at 770-464-2380 or email City Hall during regular business hours.