The process for voting has changed this year. We want to give you an idea of what to expect if you are planning to vote during Early Voting. Because there is a local election on the ballot, early voting is taking place at City Hall from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday until March 20.

When you arrive at City Hall, voting is in the room to the right. Make sure you have a valid ID and wait until you are called. You will hand your ID to the election official at the desk. She will use the information on your ID to look you up in the voter registration list online.

Once your voter registration has been confirmed, a form is printed that contains your voter registration information. You will be given the page to sign.

Your page will look something like this:

The form says “Application for Official Absentee Ballot. Early voting is considered an extension of absentee voting.

Because this is a presidential election year and a presidential preference primary, you will be asked to select a political party for your ballot. Your ballot will only contain candidates for that party and any local elections.

Choose how you will be voting, sign your name and return the form to the election official.

Democratic Sample Ballot:

Republican Sample Ballot:

Note: Unless you live in Social Circle District 3, there are no options on the Non-Partisan Ballot.

The election official will enter information in the tablet and activate the card you will insert into the voting machine. When the card is ready, she will hand you the card to take to the voting machine.

Take your card to one of the voting machines and enter it into the slot at the bottom.

Follow the instructions on the screen to cast your vote. When you are finished, you will review your selections and print your ballot.

The ballot will print on the printer next to the voting screen.

Remove your card and grab your printed ballot.

Your ballot will look something like this.

You will take your ballot to the scanner. Your ballot is not cast until it has been entered into the scanner. Do not fold or damage the page in any way.

You can enter it face up or face down. The screen on the scanner will show that the ballot has been accepted.

The actual election day is March 24. Voting will take place at the Community Room from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. The voting process will be similar.