Good morning!

The majority of the City has power. There were only 91 customers as of 8:00 pm last night without power. Georgia Power will be in town again today. Hopefully, by 5:00 pm this evening everyone will have power. If you still do not have power, it could be a problem between the main lines and your house. You will need to call the Georgia Power number and let them know your power is out.

The Mayor commented that when he rode around town on Tuesday morning he could not have imagined that the town would be in as great a shape as it is by Friday morning. All the City crews have worked very hard and all the citizens have helped and complied with what we have asked you to do and helped your neighbors. The recovery has been even quicker than Georgia Power thought. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the quick recovery.

The shelters will no longer be open. The Salvation Army will not be serving lunch.

Thank you to the Red Cross for providing cots for the overnight shelter.

The brush crews, assisted by the City of Loganville, are out collecting brush. It may take more than a month to collect all the brush around town. So, do not be concerned if the brush is in your yard for a few days. If you do see them collecting brush on your street and you see them leave without collecting yours, the crews are most likely leaving to dump the truck and they will return.

The City Employees have worked diligently to get the services back on line. The water treatment plant and the waste water treatment plant are both back online. All the schools have power and school is back in session today. Things look better and are returning to normal.

Fire Chief Ken Zaydel cautions those who are still without power to make sure there is nothing on the stove and that the stove is turned off so that when power is restored nothing burns. There have been several incidents this week as the power was restored.

City Hall and the Transit are running on a normal schedule today. If you have questions, please call City Hall at 770-464-2380. If you need a ride, please call the transit number, 770-464-2953.

There was no loss of life, no injuries that we know of an only three structures that sustained damage

We will do a final update at 5:00 this evening.

Stay safe, help your neighbors and thank you for your patience.