Social Circle Georgia City LogoThe Social Circle Mayor and City Council held an emergency called meeting last night to consider additional actions in response to the COVID-19 situation.

An ordinance was adopted, that will expire at noon on April 6, that will allow business and necessary activity to continue, and will help protect our citizens and prevent the spread of the virus. There are currently no reported cases in Walton County, and we’d like to take actions that help keep it that way.

The following provisions were adopted:

  1. A Public Health State of Emergency was declared due to COVID-19. This allows the City to seek and to accept federal and state aid.
  2. City Council, boards and commissions can meet by teleconference. We will publicize meetings on Facebook and our website and provide a way for the public to listen in live. The next scheduled meeting is the Downtown Development Authority on April 9 at 10 am.
  3. Dining, consumption of alcohol and entertainment in Bars and Restaurants is prohibited until noon on April 6, unless this ordinance is extended. These businesses can sell food for delivery, pick-up, take-away and to go. Restaurants licensed to sell beer and wine may sell unopened containers of beer and wine with food orders during this period.
  4. Gyms and exercise centers are ordered to close.
  5. All other businesses and industries can continue to operate as long as they establish operating rules that follow CDC best practices; i.e. maintain six feet of separation between all persons at all times.
  6. Assemblies of more than 10 people are prohibited. This does not apply to employers with more than 10 employees as long as they follow the CDC guidelines, which include the physical separation.
  7. There will be no utility cut-offs this month so that citizens can follow CDC recommendations of hand washing.
  8. All residents are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines. These guidelines are to protect you as well as to prevent the spread to others. (https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/03.16.20_coronavirus-guidance_8.5x11_315PM.pdf )

The full text of the ordinance can be seen at https://socialcirclega.gov/documents/an-emergency-ordinance-declaring-a-state-of-emergency-in-the-city-of-social-circle/

Thank you for your compliance with these items and taking actions to maximize the potential for you and your friends and family to stay healthy.

Please be aware of COVID-19 related scams that are beginning to spread faster than the virus. They may contact you by phone, email or even show up at your door. Never give out your Social Security Number, or any other private information to someone you do not know and did not contact first.

Finally, many are stepping up to help during this anxious period. We appreciate your kindness, the generous supportive volunteer spirit that is throughout this community.   Please see the Community Resources link at https://socialcirclega.gov/local-resources/.

If you have suggestions for needs to be met, please send a comment.

Please continue to monitor official Local, State, and Federal sources for continuing information, provided below:

City Updates - https://socialcirclega.gov/city-covid-19-resources/
Walton County Updates - https://www.waltoncountyga.gov/
Georgia DPH Updates - https://dph.georgia.gov/novelcoronavirus
CDC Updates – http://coronavirus.gov