A message from the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) President Phil Best and GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson sets the tone for today’s update:

“This is a unique time in our nation’s history. It is a time when we’re being asked to make decisions we never thought we’d have to make in response to a crisis we never thought we would face. It is a time of both faith and of fear. It is a time in which we must have faith to overcome our fears. This is a time for local leaders to shine…and we know you will.”

To that message we’d like to add that this is a time for our citizens to shine … and you have!

Thank you to all the local businesses who have worked to balance their need to continue to do business as usual with the need to follow the social distancing guidelines recommended by President Trump. Restaurants are encouraging patrons to call in orders and come by and pick them up. Some stores are closing but giving their customers the option to shop online. Other businesses are helping to support social distancing while continuing to provide necessary services. Churches are taking their ministry outside of their walls to serve their neighbors.

Thank you to all citizens who have taken it upon themselves to step up and help their neighbors, who have seen a need and worked to fill it. Continue to reach out to friends and neighbors over the coming weeks to make sure they are ok. Emotional support is as necessary as making sure physical needs are being met.

The City is compiling a list of local resources on our web site. (socialcirclega.gov/local-resources/)

You can find information on local businesses on the Downtown Social Circle, GA Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/socialcirclega/)

Please continue to monitor official Local, State, and Federal sources for continuing information, provided below:

City Updates - https://socialcirclega.gov/city-covid-19-resources/
Walton County Updates - https://www.waltoncountyga.gov/
Georgia DPH Updates - https://dph.georgia.gov/novelcoronavirus
CDC Updates – http://coronavirus.gov