Social Circle Georgia City LogoThe Coronavirus situation has become a global crisis. The President has declared a National Emergency. The Governor has declared a State Emergency. The Mayors and County Commission Chairmen are working together to do all we can to prepare and protect our communities, but the key to stopping the spread of the Coronavirus is the behavior of each citizen. By following the guidelines for “social distancing”, we can slow the spread of the Coronavirus and keep from overwhelming our health systems.

  1. SPACE yourself at least 6 feet from other people.
  2. AVOID Social Gatherings of more than 10 people.
  3. Use CARRYOUT, PICKUP, or DELIVERY from restaurants rather than eating in.
  4. LIMIT trips and social visits.
  5. DO NOT VISIT nursing homes, retirement homes, or long-term care facilities.
  6. WORK FROM HOME if you can. Follow CDC Guidance to protect you and your coworkers, if you can’t.

Social Circle is known for the community spirit of its residents, small businesses, and corporate citizens.  Our willingness to work toward the common good is part of the City’s character. It is time for all of us -- every individual, family, business, church, organization, and club -- to do our part to protect our families, our friends, and our vulnerable neighbors from a potentially deadly infection. We are encouraging each of you, and every business and organization, to follow the President’s guidance for “social distancing” now.

In the words of Social Circle resident, Cornelia Lambert, “This is a moment for us to perform service to the community, and a moment to practice our shared value of loving our neighbors.”

We may never know whether we did far more than was necessary to limit the spread of this virus, but we will surely find out if we did not do enough.

Thank you to all the citizens of Social Circle for doing your part to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Please continue to monitor official Local, State, and Federal sources for continuing information, provided below:

City Updates - https://socialcirclega.gov/city-covid-19-resources/
Walton County Updates - https://www.waltoncountyga.gov/
Georgia DPH Updates - https://dph.georgia.gov/novelcoronavirus
CDC Updates – http://coronavirus.gov