Sewer pump clogged with "flushable" wipes

This is a picture of one of the City's sewer pumps clogged with "flushable" wipes. The wipes do not break down and can get hung up in the motor causing it to stop running. City crews have to remove the motor and clean it out. It is possible that the clogged motor could burn up so that the motor has to be repaired or replaced.

Dumping oil and grease down the drain can cause blockages to your household lines, clogs to sewer lines, wastewater treatment plant problems and environmental concerns. And, despite the name, “flushable” wipes are not really flushable. The wipes are made from high strength fibers that do not lose their strength and do not breakdown with time, which can lead to clogs not only in your household lines, but also in City sewer lines.

Blockages from grease and wipes can lead to sewer overflows and fines from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). Please help us to reduce blockages in the City sewer lines by throwing used grease and wipes into the trash.