City Seeks Input from Community on Housing Needs!


We will be updating our Comprehensive Plan Housing strategy to be more specific on the types of housing, and housing changes desired, and not desired, with location commentary, and other considerations.  This update is needed to inform and support the considerations of our Planning Commission and City Council as they evaluate development proposals now and in the future, and to target and support appropriate housing related grant initiatives.  The Planning Commission will hold a work session to review this input, and statistical City housing information on March 8 at 6:00 pm and discuss their recommendations.   This will be a public meeting, with more information to be provided prior to the meeting.

Please provide input.  Comments are welcomed on the survey form, or in letters dropped at the drive through or mailed to City Hall, or emails to bschlageter@socialcirclega.gov.  Thank you for your interest and involvement in shaping the future of the City.

Housing Needs Survey