Having Trouble With Your Utility Bill?

Several of our utility customers (water, gas, sewer, sanitation) have had issues with their bank's Bill Pay feature resulting in late fees by the city. This convenient feature of the Bill Pay takes the responsibility of [mailing] a physical check to the city for bill payment. There are instances when the banks ability to cut and mail the check delays the payment of your bill, resulting in a late fee.

We want to help you avoid this by offering a better option -- Bank Draft with the City of Social Circle.

This is the most effective payment option, and uses the exact same information that appears clearly on your Bill Pay checks.  It simply electronically transfers money from your bank to the city's bank -- avoiding any, and all, delays brought on by bank processing and mailing. Just ask your bank representative, if you aren't convinced.

If there was ever a time to use the city's Bank Draft feature -- it is now!

If you:

    1. Download the Bank Draft Form
    2. Fill it out
    3. Bring it into the City Hall Drive-Thru
    4. Pay your utility balance down to $0.00
    5. We will waive your last late fee penalty with the city

We have over 2,200 utility customers, and many of them pay with Bank Draft. Join them today, and make life easier for yourself!