The City of Social Circle Employee of the Year is selected by the Department Heads as the employee who has exhibited the values of the City, the employee who has really gone above and beyond the call of duty in the prior year and has done so with a great attitude, with teamwork, with hard work, with caring and attention to detail, and by giving his best effort to the public we serve.

Some of the statements made by the Department heads who nominated Curtis for this recognition were as follows:

“Curtis does not see any job too big to handle. Curtis never complains, never gives up, and never leaves a job unfinished. When Curtis¬†leaves the job site, it is always better than he found it. Curtis is well known and well-liked by the residents of Social Circle. They know when they call on Curtis, the job will get done correctly, professionally and expediently.”

“Curtis is an believably hard working individual who has been on the job with the City for over 42 years. He works well with everyone in any department, He is dedicated to the City and is an important part of our family. He is laid back and mellow but has a strong work ethic. He says all the time “I don’t go back” and this is because he does the job, whatever it may be, the right way to begin with.”

Curtis has many skills and is able to work in all sections of public works, the water system, sewer system, streets and drainage, gas system and property maintenance. He has even served as a volunteer fireman in years past.

Curtis was recognized at the Annual Employee Luncheon in December and at the January City Council Meeting.