Per Mayor David Keener



September 17-23, 2021


WHEREAS:       September 17, 2021 marks the 234th anniversary of the 1787 Constitutional

Convention where the oldest active written constitution in the world was drafted by the United States, thus outlining the fundamental principles by which our nation is governed; and


WHEREAS:       Our Constitution established six basic governing principles for our society,

including popular sovereignty, the rule of law, federalism, judicial review,

individual rights and separation of powers with a system of checks and balances;



WHEREAS:       Popular sovereignty allowed our government to be created for and by the people, while the rule of law required that government and citizens be guided by a set of laws, rather than by any individual or single group.  Federalism provided for the sharing of power between our national government and individual state governments; and


WHEREAS:       The Constitution ensures the distribution of functions and responsibilities among

three separate branches with a system of checks and balances to calibrate those

powers, guaranteeing individual rights and liberties against government

encroachment; and


WHEREAS:       The State of Georgia became the fourth state in the Union to ratify the

Constitution, signed by Georgia delegates Abraham Baldwin and William Few, on

January 2, 1788.  Constitution Week affords the opportunity for all citizens to

learn about Georgia’s role during our nation’s founding.


NOW THEREFORE: I, David L. Keener, Mayor of the City of Social Circle do hereby proclaim September 17-23, 2021, as CONSTITUTION WEEK in Social Circle and September 17, 2021 as Constitution Awareness Day.