Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

This is a draft sidewalk and trail master plan, for which we would like to obtain comments from the public prior to Planning Commission and Council work sessions, and final action.

The purpose of this plan is to layout a long term vision for sidewalks and trails, that can be implemented over time through development projects, grants, or projects.  This Master Plan does not set forth funding nor a schedule for any sidewalks or trails, nor does it encumber any  private property.  Any projects that cross private property could not be constructed unless and until an easement or right of way was dedicated for that purpose.  It is helpful to have such a Master Plan in place so that as development projects are proposed, allowance can be made for the sidewalks and trails as part of those proposals.

For more information or questions, please contact Barbara Schlageter, bschlageter@socialcirclega.com, 770464-6905.

Comments are welcomed and requested by January 31 , and will be used to continue the development of this Master Plan to a form and vision that is reflective of the community values and warrants consideration by the Mayor and City Council.