The Social Circle Fire Department completed their Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey analyzing the structural fire suppression delivery system provided by the City. The rating improved from 4 to 2 since the last review, six years ago. The ISO PPC rating influences prices and coverages set by insurance companies on personal and commercial property insurance.

The classification review by the ISO representative focuses on three main areas:

1) Emergency communications (emergency dispatch center) (10%)

2) Water supply systems (the amount of water necessary for fire suppression) (40%)

3) The fire department itself (equipment, staffing, training, geographic distribution of fire companies, operational considerations, and community risk reduction) (50%)

ISO PPC scores range from 1 to 10 with 1 being the best rating. Approximately 20 Fire Departments in Georgia have achieved a 1 rating. A 2 rating places the City of Social Circle among the top 3% of Fire Departments evaluated nationwide. Locally, the Cities of Loganville and Covington have a 2 ISO rating, and the City of Monroe has an ISO rating of 3.

The recent 2.5% water utility rate increases on City water service supported the completion of over $2M in improvements to the water system over the last two years, which contributed significantly to this City-wide rating improvement. Additional improvements which contributed to the improved ISO rating include: Fire Safety programs which have been implemented recently, such as Fire Safety inspections; the construction of Fire Station 17 on Willow Springs Church Road, which reduced response time to the industrial sector of high risk buildings; new sprinkler systems in some of the large industrial buildings; the continuation of an in-city Fire Training facility, now located behind Station 17; the increase in fire staffing to four persons per shift. For information on how this rating may reduce your homeowners insurance cost, please contact your insurance agent. For further information about Fire Safety within the City, contact Chief Zaydel at 770-464-0621.