Each year in January, the City Council meets to plan out their year. In January after an election, the City Council sets their strategic goals for the next two years. There are typically five or six goals that the Council selects as their guiding principals. This year the City Council selected seven items.

  1. Provide a new 5 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant to serve the City, which can be expanded with future demands.
    • Proceed with site selection, design, and permitting for a new Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • Evaluate financing options to minimize impact on current customers
    • Accommodate expansion capability to serve Industrial Growth
    • Consider Award of construction contract by January 2023.
  2. Repair and Rehabilitate Existing Sidewalks and Continue Sidewalk Extensions.
    • Complete sidewalk extensions currently planned with TAP grant funds on North and South Cherokee and on E. Hightower. Include 20% contingency funding in each construction contract for repairs of existing sidewalks.
    • Program SPLOST transportation funds and seek appropriate grants to rehabilitate and improve accessibility of existing sidewalks.
    • Increase attention to sidewalks in annual maintenance of City streets.
  3. Update the City Charter and Code to Simplify and Streamline, Strategically.
    • Initiate City Charter amendments.
    • Simplify and Update Alcohol Ordinance.
    • Define locations within the City appropriate for higher density housing, and amend the zoning text and map to remove barriers.
    • Review RMD Zoning District regulations to enable housing construction which is in character with existing in these areas. Include consideration of setbacks, housing size, and housing type.
    • Consider adoption of a Redevelopment Incentive/Blight Tax Millage Rate ordinance.
    • Consider Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance changes to streamline and simplify process and remove unnecessary barriers and requirements.
    • Establish a schedule for completion of overall Code Review.
  4. Adopt an Economic Development Strategy for Social Circle to guide the Development Authority of Social Circle and the Walton Economic Development Authority.
  5. Explore strategies to expand Youth engagement and opportunities within the Community.
  6. Increase transparency of City Government and expand communication between the City and the community.
  7. Develop an approach for Stormwater which balances community willingness to fund new revenues with desired City service levels.