Video Surveillance Needed


Social Circle has experienced a recent surge of thefts from unlocked vehicles in our community.

We need your help in solving these crimes.

If you have [any type of surveillance footage] from Tuesday, July 28, 11pm-3am, please check this footage for suspicious persons, or activities.  

If you find anything suspicious on your footage, please contact Sergeant Jett with the Social Circle Police Department:

Also, encourage your neighbors to partner with our Police Department by joining in with the activities and habits of our #9PMRoutine.

We can all work together to help make Social Circle, Georgia’s Greatest Little Town.


Help Us Help You Stay Safe


Help Us Help You Stay Safe

We have had a rise in car break-ins recently.  We are doing our best to serve and protect our community, but we want to ask for your help.

Beginning today, add the #9pmroutine to your day.  Here's how it works:

Every night at 9pm >>

  1. Remove valuables from cars
  2. Remove garage door openers
  3. Lock cars
  4. Close garage doors
  5. Lock door between garage & house
  6. Close & lock all external doors
  7. Close & lock all windows
  8. Turn on exterior lights

Then, simply post that you’ve complete the #9pmroutine on social media and tag #spcd


Police Chief Brinkley Makes Statement on Current Events


Chief Will BrinkleyGreetings from the Office of the Social Circle Chief of Police. I hope this message finds you safe and well, but I wanted to take a moment to speak with you about the current State of Affairs in policing and the climate in the United States today.

Let me be perfectly clear. As the Police Chief, of the Social Circle Police Department, I Do Not! condone the unnecessary or unreasonable Use of Force by any member of this department or any law enforcement officer. Information brought to my attention on such of an event, by any person in this department, upon any member of this community will draw immediate and swift action.

The men and women of the Social Circle Police Department are sworn to uphold the law, without prejudice or bias towards any person because of race, gender, or religious affiliation.

Let me begin by saying the abhorrent and indifferent actions of those four police officers in Minneapolis is inexcusable and indefensible. Their actions amount to murder, and I, as your police chief, will not tolerate excessive actions such as those in OUR department.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts concerning the current protests that are occurring all around the country in regard to the In-Custody Death of George Floyd. The stress and anguish around the death of Mr. George Floyd is compounded by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and associated uncertainty and unemployment. People around our city, state and nation are feeling hurt and are without many of the traditional support resources that are generally available because of having to avoid close personal contact.

May it be known that the City of Social Circle Police Department respects and defends human life and our officers are required to place the preservation of life above all other priorities. I want to remind you of Our Mission Statement:

“It is the mission of the Social Circle Police Department to enhance the quality of life for the people within our community by providing professional, high quality and effective police service in partnership with the community.”

I am saddened to see the fallout from the incident that occurred in Minneapolis. Holding peaceful protests is acceptable and lawful, and integral to affecting change in a modern, democratic society. I find this destruction and violence occurring across our nation and in nearby jurisdictions nearly as disturbing as the murder of George Floyd. Injury to persons and destruction of property cannot be tolerated.

We are directing each of our shifts to be vigilant during patrols (to include foot patrols) and pay especially close attention to our Downtown Businesses and of any large crowds gathering around the city. I have been in contact with our local faith leaders here in the city and we all share the same sentiments. We must continue to be prayerful and safe during these perilous times. Thank you for all you do in keeping the Social Circle Community and its members safe.

We covenant with you that we will all work to make our department as professional and well-trained as possible to keep tragedies like what occurred in Minneapolis from occurring here. Mr. Floyd’s pleas to officers that he can’t breathe are deeply troubling to me and should shock the conscience of every law enforcement officer and any compassionate human being.

I welcome your involvement, as well as the greater community’s involvement, as we seek to make known our police department’s commitment to the sanctity of human life, to allow for the maintenance of order, to begin necessary dialogs among concerned communities, and allow for the sustainment of meaningful communications among all members of our great community.

Again, please join me in constructive dialog to make the State of Affairs in our community a shining beacon to those around us of how peaceful protest occurs and how we can make our world a better place.

Thank You All
Be safe!

Social Circle Police, Chief Will Brinkley


Virtual Meet & Greet with New Police Chief Scheduled


Join us on Facebook on Monday, May 4 at 1:30 pm for a Virtual Meet & Greet to get to know our new police chief, Will Brinkley.

If you have questions for Chief Brinkley, please email them to City Manager, Adele Schirmer, or call (770) 464-6901.

After May 4, you can call the police department at (770) 464-2366 to schedule an appointment to talk with Chief Brinkley.


Local Business Makes PPE Donation


Mannington Mills’ facility in Madison, Georgia, has been making more than just floors these days. In collaboration with Klöckner Pentaplast, the entire site is engaged in making and assembling protective face masks to donate to healthcare and law enforcement around the country. Today Donna Parker with Mannington Mills donated 20 face shields to protect our staff.

We thank you for your generous donation!