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Fire Department Helping South Georgia Tornado Victims

The Social Circle Fire Department is accepting donations to help south Georgia and support the people affected by the tornadoes.
We are accepting donations in the form of water, food (canned and boxed items), toiletries, baby items (formula, bottles, diapers), batteries, flashlights, blankets, jackets, caps, inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, clothes for all ages (new or like new condition).
Please bring your donations to the Fire Station through Friday January 27th.
Please call the Fire Department at 770-464-0621 or email for more information.

Reminder: Calls for Service

The Social Circle Police Department would like to remind you that calls for service are not dispatched through the Police Department’s main line. Walton County 911 is our dispatch provider. If you need an officer to respond to any emergency situation call 911 immediately.

For non-emergencies call Walton County Dispatch at 770-464-0310.

You are encouraged to call the police department’s main line (770-464-2366) during normal business hours for questions or concerns relating to police matters, obtaining copies of reports, and all other administrative matters etc.

Social Circle Vision 2040

The City is seeking input on a Vision for the future of the City.  Broad community input is needed and will be used to draft Goals, and a Work Plan which will be considered for adoption by the Mayor and City Council in June.  Social Circle is a place like no other, with its own history, character, and attributes.  The comments and observations and suggestions that emerge through these meetings, online surveys, and community conversations will inform and shape the future Vision of the City.  The Work Plan will define the steps and actions needed to guide future growth without losing the history and aspects of the City which are valued by the community and which set Social Circle apart from other Cities.

A series of meetings have been scheduled during January and February which focus on various topic areas, such as Quality of Life, Economic Development, Natural and Historic Resources, Downtown, Neighborhoods, Infrastructure.  Please look to visit the Social Circle Vision 2040 page for upcoming meetings and surveys.  Notes from prior meetings will be posted, as will drafts of the Vision, Goals, and Work Plan as they are developed.

Please feel free to email your comments to Vision2040@SocialCircleGA.Gov  If you have a group or organization that would like to host a meeting during February please email and we would be happy to work with you.

Curtis Hudson Named 2016 Employee of the Year

The City of Social Circle Employee of the Year is selected by the Department Heads as the employee who has exhibited the values of the City, the employee who has really gone above and beyond the call of duty in the prior year and has done so with a great attitude, with teamwork, with hard work, with caring and attention to detail, and by giving his best effort to the public we serve.

Some of the statements made by the Department heads who nominated Curtis for this recognition were as follows:

“Curtis does not see any job too big to handle. Curtis never complains, never gives up, and never leaves a job unfinished. When Curtis leaves the job site, it is always better than he found it. Curtis is well known and well-liked by the residents of Social Circle. They know when they call on Curtis, the job will get done correctly, professionally and expediently.”

“Curtis is an believably hard working individual who has been on the job with the City for over 42 years. He works well with everyone in any department, He is dedicated to the City and is an important part of our family. He is laid back and mellow but has a strong work ethic. He says all the time “I don’t go back” and this is because he does the job, whatever it may be, the right way to begin with.”

Curtis has many skills and is able to work in all sections of public works, the water system, sewer system, streets and drainage, gas system and property maintenance. He has even served as a volunteer fireman in years past.

Curtis was recognized at the Annual Employee Luncheon in December and at the January City Council Meeting.

Social Circle Ranked as 25th on list of 50 Safest Cities in Georgia

Social Circle was ranked by Safewise, a pioneer in unbiased home security reviews, as the 25th safest city in Georgia. Their 2017 report of The 50 Safest Cities in Georgia, released this week, uses FBI crime report statistics from 2015 and population data to calculate the number of violent crimes and property crimes per 1,000 residents. The ranking makes Social Circle the safest city in Walton County as the only other city in Walton County that appears on the list is Loganville, with a ranking of 32.

In 2016 Social Circle was ranked as the 36th safest city in Georgia.

25th Safest City in Georgia

Lane Closed on East Hightower Bridge

The bridge on East Hightower will have one lane open starting tomorrow (1/10) at 11:00 am. One lane will be closed during the day while workers repair the bridge.

Both lanes will be open during the evenings and night.

The work should be completed by Friday.

For more information contact Barry Parsons, Water Resources Director at 770- 464-2380.

Historic Photos Needed

Arcadia Publishing wants to do a book on Social Circle! We are seeking photographs and captions of Social Circle through the years. At least 200 photographs are needed, although more are welcome. We would like to include all aspects of the community, people, places, events, landmarks, and more. If you have pictures and information to contribute, or if you would like to assist in assembling this information, please let us know. All costs associated with publishing this book are covered by Arcadia Publishing and the book will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and local stores. We anticipate approximately a one year effort to collect the images, prepare the captions, and publish the initial issue. Groups will be able to purchase the book at a discount to resell for fundraising. Help us capture the rich history of our Social Circle community.

For more information, please contact Jenny Watt, Community Marketing Specialist, at 770-464-1866.

Volunteer Firefighters Sought

Are you interested in helping your community?

The Social Circle Fire Department is looking for volunteer firefighters. The department offers free training, pay per call, and enrollment in Ga. Firefighters Pension Fund.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter there will be an organizational meeting on March 13, 2017, at 7 pm, at the Fire Station. Completed applications can be dropped off at the Fire Station or brought with you to the meeting.

To be eligible to be a volunteer firefighter you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, complete background check (no felonies within 10 years), and maintain a valid Ga. driver’s license.

For more information, contact Chief Ken Zaydel at 770-464-0621.

Roundabout Construction Update

Construction work on the roundabout at West Hightower and Alcova Rd has slowed down while the utilities are being relocated. Comcast and the City of Monroe have completed their moves. AT&T is in the process of moving all of their equipment and are currently ahead of schedule. At this time, we expect the roundabout to be complete by the end of April.

Mapping of water and sewer distribution system

Recently the City of Social Circle hired a professional consulting firm to perform an analysis, locate, and identify all of our major water pipes, valves, fire hydrants, sewer mains, and manholes located throughout the city. The firm is using a geographical information system (GIS) that will allow staff and engineers to analyze each of our systems electronically, looking at virtual maps to evaluate the best solution for problem areas. These efforts will allow the city to provide improved services to the citizens saving time, money, and will allow future upgrades to these systems be performed more effectively and efficiently. You may have noticed pink survey tape on many of our hydrants, valves, and manholes
throughout the city. This tape allows easy identification for the GIS mapping team to locate each hydrant and put them on the map.

For more information contact Barry Parsons, Water Resources Director at 770- 464-2380