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Crews Planting Trees Downtown March 21

On March 21 between 8:00 am and 11:00 am, City Workers and our Arborist, Creenan Mills, will be planting trees to replace the Crepe Myrtles that were cut down late last year. They will be working on East and West Hightower near the Welcome Center and Coffee shop. Crews will be directing traffic in the area.
Please exercise caution when driving in the area for everyone’s safety.

Gas Utility Workers’ Day is March 18

This is the fourth year in which Gas Utility Workers’ Day has been officially celebrated across the country. This day of recognition is a time when communities such as ours give recognition to the employees who provide one of their most valuable assets—their natural gas utility.

The official Gas Utility Workers’ Day is March 18 because that is the date of the New London, Texas school explosion in 1937 that led to the widespread odorization of natural gas and an increased emphasis on safety. Safety is a vital aspect to natural gas distribution and the employees of distribution companies endeavor to make natural gas delivery as safe as possible.

This annual nationwide event is intended to build public awareness about the hard work done by the employees of natural gas utilities. On this day, we will also educate residents on the environmental, safety and cost benefits of using clean, reliable and affordable natural gas. Our customers recognize the need to access reliable, affordable, safe energy and depend on the service of natural gas utility employees for that need.  This year, our natural gas utility workers accomplished:

The City of Social Circle looks forward to continuing to bring safe, reliable natural gas into your homes and businesses.  We also hope you join us in supporting natural gas as a premier energy source for our country.  As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas can help us achieve energy security and build a more competitive economy.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of natural gas and how your natural gas system works, please contact us at 770-464-2380.

South Cherokee Bridge Construction Update

Artist rendering of the new South Cherokee bridge

Artist rendering of the new South Cherokee bridge

The replacement of the bridge over the railroad tracks on South Cherokee is on schedule to be completed in October or November this year. The old bridge has been completely torn out and crews are preparing the earthwork and forms for supports for the new bridge.

The bridge is being replaced because it was structurally unsound. The new bridge is being built to current DOT specifications and will be taller and wider. There will be sidewalks and a decorative wrought iron fence on both sides.

For questions on the bridge construction, please contact Public Works Director, Barry Parsons. 770-464-6912,

Road Closed for Utility Construction

Road WorkIndustrial Blvd between the By-pass and Malcom Drive will be closed on Thursday, March 14, during the day for contractors to run pipe across the road. The road should only be closed for that one day.

[UPDATE 3/12 4:45pm] Crews were able to get enough done today so they are ready to close the road on 3/13 instead of 3/14, as originally posted.

[UPDATE: 3/13 11:15 am] The crews ran into some difficulty this morning and will have to delay closing the road until tomorrow (3/14) as originally scheduled.

Ribbon Cutting for the Burks Park Basketball Court Held Saturday

This basketball court is one more improvement in this neighborhood park to better serve the residents of the area.

All great communities happen with involvement by many people. Council member Tyson Jackson pursued this neighborhood park with vision and tireless advocacy. The Mayor and City Council allocated funds for the conversion of this area to a Community Park, with playground, basketball courts, and more to come. The Social Circle Kiwanis Club took on the improvement of Burk Park as a community service project. The Walton County Healthcare Foundation provided grant funds to purchase the basketball goals. The staff of the City Public Works Department and Police Department invested time and care in this park. Area residents are supervising and using this park , and helping to keep it clean and safe.

This community effort and involvement is another example of why we tag Social Circle as Georgia’s Greatest Little Town.

Water Line Upgrade Construction Updates

Starting at 9:00 am on March 6, 2019 contractors and City Staff will be connecting the new waterline on North Cherokee.  Crews will shut down the water to make this necessary connection.  Houses affected will be 346, 353, 362, 375, and 378 on North Cherokee.  The installation will take about 4 hours to complete.

Starting at 9:00 am on March 16, 2019, contractors and City Staff will install new valves and making connections to our new waterline on West Hightower Road and Clark Street.  Crews will keep one lane open on West Hightower , however , Clark Street will be closed until the work is completed.  Areas that may be affected by water outages are downtown, West Hightower, and East Hightower past the Fire Department.  We will minimize outages as much as possible.  Once we get the critical connections in place we can provide water to citizens affected.  Work will last most of the day.

Citizen Police Academy Registration Open

Social Circle Police Department Citizen Police Academy - Share Our Vision and Be Our VoiceThe Social Circle Police Department will hold their next Citizen Police Academy (CPA) starting in April 10, 2019. The CPA will meet one evening a week for five weeks and then one Saturday. This course will give citizens a hands-on look at the daily activities of our police officers. Applicants are required to be twenty-one (21) years of age and must provide their own transportation to and from training. Acceptance into the program is subject to review of the applicant’s background, including a criminal history inquiry. There is no charge for the course.

For more information, please contact Lt. Randy Downs at 770-464-2366 or e-mail at


Citizen Police Academy

Community Meeting Regarding Proposed Neighborhood

OneStreet Residential is proposing a Traditional Neighborhood Designed Cottage community targeted at the increasingly growing discretionary renter demographic. The Parcel ID is SC080020 consisting of 32.57 acres on both sides of Memorial Drive between Alcova Drive and S Forest Avenue.

The Community meeting will be February 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Community Room at 138 E. Hightower Trail.

Veteran’s Park Closure Schedule

Veteran’s Park will be closed this weekend (Jan 25-27) for the Ace Archery 3D Shoot. The park will be closed from Friday through Sunday to allow for set up and clean up.

Below is the list of scheduled closures for Veteran’s Park. Each date is a Friday night set up and Sunday tear down. If two days are listed then it is a two day event where they will hold a shoot both days, but the park will only be closed Friday – Sunday for all events.

February 9, 2019 – Ace Archery 3D Shoot

April 6, 2019 – Regional S3DA

April 20, 2019 – Ace Archery 3D Shoot

May 4, 2019 – ASA Qualifier

May 25 26, 2019 – State GBAA Target

June 1, 2019 – Ace Archery 3D Shoot

July 6, 2019 – Ace Archery 3D Shoot

August 10-11, 2019 – GBAA State #D

August 17, 2019 – Hunting Shoot