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Do We Owe You Money?


Do We Owe You Money?

We also have several utility customers who have outstanding checks with the City due to Deposit Refunds. If you know any of the below listed, please ask them to contact us at City Hall so we can get those checks re-issued to the customer.

  1. Melinda Bedoya
  2. Salon Tru
  3. Kay J. Armstrong
  4. Rozlyn Monique Baccus
  5. Sharon Belliveau
  6. Newton Benton
  7. Albert Clark
  8. Cody Steinburg
  9. Lori Couch
  10. Mark Croom
  11. Lisa Denny
  12. David Duren
  13. Stacy Lee Epps
  14. Ricardo Escobar
  15. Fannie Mae Foundation
  16. Theodoris Gibbs
  17. Greg & Irene Goetze
  18. Melanie Gordon
  19. Leonard Hampton
  20. Patrick Harbin
  21. Morris Hardwick/ Schni
  22. Michael & Breeanne Hoover
  23. Maher Hossain
  24. Annette Hunter
  25. Aleah Ingold
  26. Myrna Jimenez
  27. Lara Keene
  28. Nathania R Kirk
  29. Lisa Lynam
  30. Syrrian Mahoney
  31. Dylan K Moody
  32. Jose Noel Mendez
  33. Tcyana Owens
  34. Stacy D Paulk
  35. Connie Pritchard
  36. Jessia Ragdale
  37. Elliott Rose
  38. Herman Strickland
  39. Herbert Thomas
  40. Bryson Utility
  41. Mary Webb
  42. Neena Wells
  43. Janice Wright
  45. Crooked Creek Homes
  46. Winchester Home Builders

Call Before You Dig


Call Before You Dig

Should you plan to dig around buried piping, especially buried gas piping, the piping should be located in advance and all digging should be carefully done by hand in the vicinity of the pipe. You must contact the Georgia One Call Center at 800-282-7411 (or 811) three days before any digging by you or your contractor so that all buried cable may be located. This is a free service. Flag colors and what they represent: red: electric power lines, cable, conduit and lighting cables; orange: telecommunication, alarm, or signal lines, cable or conduit; yellow: natural gas, oil, steam, petroleum or other gaseous or flammable materials; green: sewers and drain lines; blue: drinking water; purple: reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines; pink: temporary survey markings, unknown/unidentified facilities; white: proposed excavation limits or route.


Underground Gas Pipe Maintenance


Underground Gas Pipe Maintenance

As your natural gas distributor, the City of Social Circle is required, in accordance with federal regulations, to make you aware of certain safety recommendations regarding your underground natural gas piping. The City of Social Circle operates our gas system with an emphasis on safety. We are required to design, operate, and maintain our underground natural gas pipeline system in accordance with prescribed federal safety standards.

The gas department does not maintain the gas piping downstream of the gas meter. This is the responsibility of the customer who owns that piping. If the buried pipe is not properly maintained, it may be subject to corrosion (if the piping is metallic) and/or leakage. To ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of these lines, the buried piping should be checked periodically. You (or the building owner) are advised to contact a licensed plumber or heating contractor to assist you in locating and inspecting your buried gas piping. If any unsafe condition is found, repairs must be made ASAP. The Yellow Pages are an excellent source for listings of licensed plumbers and heating contractors.

If we can answer any questions regarding this notice, please call Social Circle City Hall at 770-464-2380. You may disregard this notice if you do not have buried piping beyond the gas meter.


A Statement from the City Manager


A Statement from the City Manager

There are some thoughts I would like to share about Social Circle, during these tumultuous times. The comments I have heard from members of the community during the last few weeks distinguish our little City from so many other places. We are not perfect, but we are blessed to have so many residents, business owners, staff, elected officials, police officers, and others who truly love what they do, love their community, and love their neighbors. This is the community spirit that keeps families here for generations, keeps community groups and churches coming together for events and benefits, and which demonstrates so many examples of sharing in times of need.

While Social Circle is not immune from the challenges of the world we live in, this is a community with great heart. People here share a little extra kindness, try harder to understand what is not familiar, and offer a larger helping of grace to each other. We are not so anonymous or callous that harsh words don’t leave wounds, yet there is such a well of forgiveness and openness to build bridges.

Racism is real, and has shaped the experience of all. Current and past generations had opportunities or did not, received consideration or did not, based upon others perceptions and biases. We grieve for unnecessary deaths, and are appalled at hateful or harmful actions taken against people based upon assumptions or false perceptions.

What I know about our community is that the relationships in this City are better than what we see on today’s news, yet we do still have far to go. I hear in these conversations desire to move into the future together, a willingness to listen, an openness to accept that our experiences are not the same– and thus we need to reconsider some of our judgements and conclusions.

Our Social Circle Police Department is also far better than what we are seeing on the news these days. Our professional, skilled, and dedicated group of men and women are here because they have a heart for this community and a heart for protecting and serving the people in this City. We embrace a guardian approach, not a warrior mentality. Their services enhance the safety of our residents and protect lives and property through fostering communication and offering respect in their interactions. This is not new, this has been the culture of the Police for several years. This career is not one chosen for money, and Social Circle is not a fit for Police Officers that are hardened to the humanity of the people with whom they interact. Our Police Officers thrive on the personal touches of serving in the schools, providing birthday visits, and offering comfort and support to the frightened or victims of crime, while also working diligently to enforce laws and solve crimes. It is a difficult time to be a Police Officer, and making negative assumptions about all Police Officers is no more accurate than racist conclusions. Please join me in commending and appreciating the service of these dedicated officers who chose this profession, and this City, for the right reasons.

In this country, there should not be disparity in the treatment of people of color by those who hold power, and there certainly will not be in this City. Our Police Chief and Police Officers share this commitment with all the City staff for the benefit of all our residents.

Social Circle has a rich history in the Civil rights movement, and I am inspired by the emphasis of our residents on peaceful, demonstrations for positive change.

With the involvement of all who love this place, Social Circle is on the path of being the best kind of community we can imagine, a City where we respect the humanity of each other and where everyone can prosper.


FREE COVID-19 Testing Continues Until June 26 – [NO] Appointment Needed


FREE COVID-19 testing continues at Corinth Baptist Church until June 19.


Celie Davis Clark of the North East Health District of the State Health Department has informed the city that the state wants to be able to test more people for COVID-19.

Testing will continue June 15-19 (M-F), from 8:30am - 5:00pm with FREE drive-thru testing.

"In efforts to reach and test as many people as possible we are continuing testing for COVID-19 at Corinth Missionary Baptist Church both this week and next week," said Clark.

The Health Department has enlisted nearly a dozen individuals from Social Circle to Warner Robins to assist in this FREE testing.

The church is located at 813 S. Cherokee Rd., Social Circle, Georgia, 30025.

Simply arrive at Corinth Missionary Baptist Church, following the directions of the parking lot attendant, and drive up to the testing tent.

The test is quick and simply, requiring only a swab of the nose.  No needles are used for this test. Call the hotline with any questions at (706) 340-0996.


Picture above (l-r): Staff Sgt. Joshua Phillips, 202nd EIS Air National Guard from Warner Robins, GA; Patrick Reilly, HIV Testing & Linkage Coordinator; Amber Vandiver, Nurse Manager, County Health Department; Lorri Tanner, Nurse Manager, Walton County Health Department; Morgan Couch, RN, Morgan County Health Department


Having Trouble With Your Utility Bill?


Having Trouble With Your Utility Bill?

Several of our utility customers (water, gas, sewer, sanitation) have had issues with their bank's Bill Pay feature resulting in late fees by the city. This convenient feature of the Bill Pay takes the responsibility of [mailing] a physical check to the city for bill payment. There are instances when the banks ability to cut and mail the check delays the payment of your bill, resulting in a late fee.

We want to help you avoid this by offering a better option -- Bank Draft with the City of Social Circle.

This is the most effective payment option, and uses the exact same information that appears clearly on your Bill Pay checks.  It simply electronically transfers money from your bank to the city's bank -- avoiding any, and all, delays brought on by bank processing and mailing. Just ask your bank representative, if you aren't convinced.

If there was ever a time to use the city's Bank Draft feature -- it is now!

If you:

    1. Download the Bank Draft Form
    2. Fill it out
    3. Bring it into the City Hall Drive-Thru
    4. Pay your utility balance down to $0.00
    5. We will waive your last late fee penalty with the city

We have over 2,200 utility customers, and many of them pay with Bank Draft. Join them today, and make life easier for yourself!


Intersection Improvements: (Hickory/S.Cherokee)


Intersection Improvements: Tuesday, June 16 (Hickory and S. Cherokee)

Work is scheduled to begin on improving the intersection of Hickory Street and South Cherokee on Tuesday, June 16.

The work involved is moving the sidewalk back and widening the turning radius of Hickory Street where it meets South Cherokee.

Residents who live on Hickory Street and Joseph Lane are encouraged to use Lakewood during this construction. Work should be completed in 7-10 working days.


FREE COVID-19 Testing in Social Circle


FREE COVID-19 Testing in Social Circle

Corinth Baptist Church will serve as host for free COVID-19 testing in Social Circle on June 15-19 (M-F), from 8:30am - 5:00pm by appointment. Drive-thru testing is available as well.

Call the hotline to schedule a Free test at (706) 340-0996. The church is located at 813 S. Cherokee Rd., Social Circle, Georgia, 30025.

Generously provided at no cost by the staff of Northeast Health District.


Peaceful Demonstrations Bring Healing and Unity in Social Circle

Social Circle Peace Walk

Social Circle Peace Walk

Peaceful Demonstrations Bring Healing and Unity in Social Circle

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Georgia – Over 100 individuals descended on Calvary Temple Sunday, June 7, 2020, to participate in a Peace Walk birthed in the heart and mind of Cassie Pitts.

Following the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, Miss Pitts decided to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, Johnny Crowley, who was active in peaceful civil rights protests in the area in the 1970s.

Pitts had grown up hearing her grandfather’s stories and actions surrounding the oppression of African Americans during his youth. She heard her mother tell of the pain, frustration, and anger that he had experienced.

Feeling the same way some 50 years later, Pitts decided to organize a march in protest of the treatment of African Americans by both citizens and police officers. She was offended, hurt, in pain, frustrated, angry, and wanted to do something.

So, she and her mother Connie Wright, decided to pool their influence and organize a march in Social Circle.

However, as Wright became more involved, she felt it important that this was not to be a [march], but a [walk] – a Peace Walk. A peace walk that not only protested the recent acts of violence against black lives, but aimed at bringing peace and unity out of that violence and oppression.

And, on this day, that’s exactly what happened. After a one-mile walk down Cherokee Drive, participants stopped and gathered in front of the Social Circle Police Department.

Organizers spoke, participants chanted, expressed anger, frustration, and sorrow.

Then, something special happened – Social Circle Police Chief Will Brinkley was invited to speak. And after conveying his own feelings about George Floyd’s death, and the hard stance his police department has against racism, he took a step few police chiefs have taken.

“I, the Police Chief and we, the entire Police Force of Social Circle – will serve as examples by kneeling in silence with you.

We kneel in silence to show solidarity in condemning the acts of violence that killed George Floyd.

We kneel in silence to honor Black Lives that have been taken senselessly.

We kneel in silence to show respect for their lives.

We kneel in silence to exhibit sorrow for their deaths.

I invite anyone who is compelled to do so – to kneel with me now.”

With heat, humidity, and rain falling – the only thing oppressive this day was the weather. Exercising their right to assemble and speak, over 100 individuals including blacks, whites, people of color – and the Social Circle Police Department – all joined in a step of healing by kneeling together for 9 minutes.


Police Chief Brinkley Makes Statement on Current Events


Chief Will BrinkleyGreetings from the Office of the Social Circle Chief of Police. I hope this message finds you safe and well, but I wanted to take a moment to speak with you about the current State of Affairs in policing and the climate in the United States today.

Let me be perfectly clear. As the Police Chief, of the Social Circle Police Department, I Do Not! condone the unnecessary or unreasonable Use of Force by any member of this department or any law enforcement officer. Information brought to my attention on such of an event, by any person in this department, upon any member of this community will draw immediate and swift action.

The men and women of the Social Circle Police Department are sworn to uphold the law, without prejudice or bias towards any person because of race, gender, or religious affiliation.

Let me begin by saying the abhorrent and indifferent actions of those four police officers in Minneapolis is inexcusable and indefensible. Their actions amount to murder, and I, as your police chief, will not tolerate excessive actions such as those in OUR department.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts concerning the current protests that are occurring all around the country in regard to the In-Custody Death of George Floyd. The stress and anguish around the death of Mr. George Floyd is compounded by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and associated uncertainty and unemployment. People around our city, state and nation are feeling hurt and are without many of the traditional support resources that are generally available because of having to avoid close personal contact.

May it be known that the City of Social Circle Police Department respects and defends human life and our officers are required to place the preservation of life above all other priorities. I want to remind you of Our Mission Statement:

“It is the mission of the Social Circle Police Department to enhance the quality of life for the people within our community by providing professional, high quality and effective police service in partnership with the community.”

I am saddened to see the fallout from the incident that occurred in Minneapolis. Holding peaceful protests is acceptable and lawful, and integral to affecting change in a modern, democratic society. I find this destruction and violence occurring across our nation and in nearby jurisdictions nearly as disturbing as the murder of George Floyd. Injury to persons and destruction of property cannot be tolerated.

We are directing each of our shifts to be vigilant during patrols (to include foot patrols) and pay especially close attention to our Downtown Businesses and of any large crowds gathering around the city. I have been in contact with our local faith leaders here in the city and we all share the same sentiments. We must continue to be prayerful and safe during these perilous times. Thank you for all you do in keeping the Social Circle Community and its members safe.

We covenant with you that we will all work to make our department as professional and well-trained as possible to keep tragedies like what occurred in Minneapolis from occurring here. Mr. Floyd’s pleas to officers that he can’t breathe are deeply troubling to me and should shock the conscience of every law enforcement officer and any compassionate human being.

I welcome your involvement, as well as the greater community’s involvement, as we seek to make known our police department’s commitment to the sanctity of human life, to allow for the maintenance of order, to begin necessary dialogs among concerned communities, and allow for the sustainment of meaningful communications among all members of our great community.

Again, please join me in constructive dialog to make the State of Affairs in our community a shining beacon to those around us of how peaceful protest occurs and how we can make our world a better place.

Thank You All
Be safe!

Social Circle Police, Chief Will Brinkley