Grass Clippings and Leaves Notice


City Crews are diligently trying to stay on schedule picking up grass clippings, leaves and limbs. However, we need your help. The Leaf Vacuum Truck is not able to pick up grass clippings (wet or dry due the way it is designed) or wet leaves  so we ask that you bag them, and then we will pick them up. Do not pile grass clippings or wet leaves with other lawn debris that is left for pickup as they will not be picked up. Please do not include any trash with your bagged grass clippings or wet leaves.


Route Interruption – Memorial Drive & S. Forrest Ave – 10-13-2021


The City of Social Circle will have a contractor onsite at approximately 8:00 am on 10/13/21 at the intersection of Memorial Drive and South Forrest Avenue. The work being performed is to replace a bad storm water pipe. Contractors will coordinate thru travel in one lane. Metal plates will have to be placed there temporarily while the new concrete dries. Once the concrete is dried, the metal plates will be removed. Thank you for your patience as these repairs are made.


Constitution Awareness Day


Per Mayor David Keener



September 17-23, 2021


WHEREAS:       September 17, 2021 marks the 234th anniversary of the 1787 Constitutional

Convention where the oldest active written constitution in the world was drafted by the United States, thus outlining the fundamental principles by which our nation is governed; and


WHEREAS:       Our Constitution established six basic governing principles for our society,

including popular sovereignty, the rule of law, federalism, judicial review,

individual rights and separation of powers with a system of checks and balances;



WHEREAS:       Popular sovereignty allowed our government to be created for and by the people, while the rule of law required that government and citizens be guided by a set of laws, rather than by any individual or single group.  Federalism provided for the sharing of power between our national government and individual state governments; and


WHEREAS:       The Constitution ensures the distribution of functions and responsibilities among

three separate branches with a system of checks and balances to calibrate those

powers, guaranteeing individual rights and liberties against government

encroachment; and


WHEREAS:       The State of Georgia became the fourth state in the Union to ratify the

Constitution, signed by Georgia delegates Abraham Baldwin and William Few, on

January 2, 1788.  Constitution Week affords the opportunity for all citizens to

learn about Georgia’s role during our nation’s founding.


NOW THEREFORE: I, David L. Keener, Mayor of the City of Social Circle do hereby proclaim September 17-23, 2021, as CONSTITUTION WEEK in Social Circle and September 17, 2021 as Constitution Awareness Day.


27th Annual Friendship Festival


Join us in beautiful Downtown Social Circle, Ga for the 27th annual Friendship Festival on Saturday, October 2nd from 10am-4pm. We will have 120+ vendors with arts, crafts, food, music and fun for the whole family! For more information please call the welcome center at 770-464-1866. If you are interested in being a vendor, the deadline for registration is September 17th. For an application, please email friendshipfestival@socialcirclega.com


COVID Delta Variant Precautions


The City of Social Circle acknowledges the significant increase in Delta Variant cases this week in Walton County and surrounding areas. Due to this effective August 19, 2021, personnel, and members of the public, entering any Social Circle government facility shall have their temperature checked by a digital device. Temperatures greater than 99.5 should be denied entry. Also, City Personnel are also requested, but not mandated, to wear a mask when in close contact with the public. We thank all City Staff as well as our Citizens for consideration of the safety and well being of others.


Housing Survey Feedback


Citizen Housing Survey Commentary? We would love your feedback!

Please find attached the proposed Housing Survey and Policy Recommendation from KB Advisory Group. The KB Group helps conduct research in helping cities understand the market and economic forces that will impact development. Note, this is laying the groundwork of national and regional housing trends.  Social Circle specific data and trends will be brought back to the Planning Commission and then Mayor and Council, the future dates will be announced. The consultant asked the PC members to consider whether these are the questions to be asking, or whether there are different questions that this community should be asking to inform housing policy trends. The City is requesting feedback from our citizens. We need to emphasize the protection of the charm and identity of Social Circle.  Please email Barbara Schlageter at bschlageter@socialcirclega.gov with any comments and concerns. Please click link below to view the Housing Survey.

Housing Survey


RFP – Vine and Goodyear Pump Station Elimination


RFP - Vine and Goodyear Pump Station Elimination

Project: RFP - Vine and Goodyear Pump Station Elimination
Project Type: RFP
Bid Posting: 07/02/2021
Bid Closing: 08/10/2021 – 1:30 pm

City Contact: Jillian Fritz, jfritz@gbtengineers.com

    Thank you for your interest in our project.
    Please complete the form below to receive the documents associated with this project.
    After the form is submitted, the link will be emailed to you. Please check your spam folders if you do not see the email within the next few minutes.
    We will use your email address to contact you if there are changes to the bid documents.